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Neuropsychological evaluation can be helpful for many patients.  It is most helpful and appropriate for patients with known or suspected brain-related conditions.  Such conditions include dementia (Alzheimerís Disease, Vascular Dementia, Parkinsonís Disease), traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumor, toxic or other encephalopathy, developmental and learning disabilities, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders.  Neuropsychological assessment is also helpful for patients with systemic conditions that affect brain function such as diabetes, hypertension, toxic/metabolic disorders, and alcoholism. The evaluation provides information about problems with memory, intellectual and cognitive functioning, daily activities, or behavior and emotions. Neuropsychological assessment is helpful in determining the differential contribution of neurologic and psychiatric factors in a patient's presenting problems, and in the specification of the patient's psychological and behavioral strengths and weaknesses related to neurological dysfunction.




Scheduling an Evaluation



To schedule an evaluation, please call the office: (469) 429-8890.  The phone is answered during business hours, but messages can be left at any time.  We will schedule your appointment as soon as possible.  However, if you wish to have your insurance accepted as full or partial payment, then we will need to confirm your coverage before you come in.   



We accept most insurance coverage, including Medicare.  However, for some insurance companies, the coverage will be at your OUT-of-Network rates.  We can help you to determine what your coverage will be.  If there is no in-network provider in your area, your insurance company may agree to cover our services at your in-network rate.   





Making a Referral


If you are a physician or psychologist and wish to refer a patient for neuropsychological evaluation, you may either: 



ō  Use our Patient Referral Form and email to or fax it to (469) 429-8888 or,

ō  Call (or ask the patient to call) the office, (469) 429-8890.  The phone is answered during business hours, but messages can be left at any time.



If you are a non-physician healthcare provider or a teacher and would like to refer a patient or student for neuropsychological evaluation, please call the office: (469) 429-8890.  



Once a referral is made, our billing office will contact the patientís insurance carrier to determine what coverage may be available.  Neuropsychological services are usually covered as Medical services (rather than mental health), depending on the referring diagnosis/medical necessity.  Please be aware that neuropsychological evaluations are usually not covered by medical insurance if the evaluation is being done for educational purposes.