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Customer Qualification Policy



The Neuropsychology Center provides Halstead-Reitan Battery (HRB) testing equipment and materials for use in neuropsychological practice, training, and research.  These materials are to be used in accordance with APA Ethical Principles (2002) and the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, APA, NCME, 1999).  Purchasers are expected to use the test materials in a manner consistent with these standards. 


There are two levels of qualifications for use of HRB test materials and equipment.  Most materials are restricted for use by neuropsychologists and other qualified psychologists.  Some materials can appropriately be used by individuals who are not necessarily psychologists but who have specialized training, education, or experience with test procedures.  These two levels are described below:


Level A:  Individuals with specialized training, graduate education, and/or experience in psychological and neuropsychological testing.  These users must provide information regarding their qualifications in these areas and their training in test and measurement theory and methods. 


Level B:  Individuals who are practicing neuropsychologists or are licensed psychologists with training in neuropsychology.  These users must provide documentation of their state license or appropriate certification in their jurisdiction for the independent practice of psychology. 



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